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Reaching goals

December 5, 2013

Every once in a while I like to revisit this list of goals for the house from January 2012, nearly 3 years ago now. I’m proud to see how much we have accomplished, but there is lots more in the works! In addition to the items from the list, we have made other repairs and purchases as they became necessary. Here’s what we get to cross off the list:

  • painted bedroom walls
  • painted bedroom ceiling
  • painted kitchen stools
  • got covers for living room throw pillows
  • my mom made bedroom curtains
  • bought leather recliner
  • bought TV/media storage
  • bought shoe storage for near entrance from carport
  • bought rug for kitchen
  • bought dining chairs (no table yet) for patio
  • installed compost bin in yard and pail in kitchen

Other major changes at the house include:

  • removed honey locust tree near patio
  • new washer and dryer
  • new refrigerator
  • installed water line to fridge
  • hung lots of framed artwork

Here’s to the next 3 years of home improvement!

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