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The Thousand-Dollar Blanket

March 17, 2010

Probably never going to be within my budget ever in my life, but isn’t it gorgeous?

On Nash Island, down east of Penobscot Bay, a flock of sheep lives untended as it has for generations. This local breed provides fleeces to the spinners and weavers of coastal Maine who make our Winter Blankets. This blanket uses a winter weave-two layers of wool for warmth-and is dyed by hand using all natural materials.

Swans Island Winter Blanket, Double/Queen 90″ x 90″, $1,050

If we stick with the “guest cabin” idea for the guest room, maybe we’ll end up with something like this wool “Connecticut Blanket,” which is a bit more reasonably priced.

Connecticut Blanket Series #7 (Large Buffalo Plaid) in Natural from Kindred Crossings Farm, Queen 90″ x 94″, $160

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  1. Maria permalink
    March 17, 2010 10:52 am

    $1000?! Those sheep better poop gold. I would make Rory take a shower every night before he even put his HAND on the thing.

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