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Office Before

December 17, 2009

This room is between the master bedroom and bathroom, and its windows face the patio and the back yard. The window in the picture above is actually quite large–considerably larger than the horizontal windows in the dining room and master bedroom–but it’s obscured by an old vinyl roller blind that won’t go any higher than you see here.

We have two seven-foot-tall bookshelves, one of which you can see here. Also visible is the dog’s crate, the dog’s stereo (he listens to NPR when he’s home alone), a short bookcase full of DVDs, and piles of wrapped and unwrapped, framed and unframed artwork.

Here’s the other bookcase.The closet holds suitcases, a sleeping bag, vinyl LPs, my old college classwork, and some office supplies. The wire shelving on the right holds my magazine collection and all other office supplies.

Check out the adorable knitted cupcake by my friend Dana, the garage sale candelabrum I plan to spray paint, and the box marked “candelabra, pictures” that holds all our framed photos and a white candelabrum.

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