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House Tour: Bathroom

December 12, 2009

Behind the utility room, the hallway turns to the left and ends with the bathroom straight ahead and the office to the right.

The bathroom has pretty standard-issue vanity and medicine cabinet.

I love our stainless steel accessories from Target. They’re the Brushed Metal Lotion/Soap Pump, Brushed Metal Tumbler, and Glass Jar with Brushed Metal Top.

The back of the toilet has a wooden tray from Target that displays perfumes, cologne, and lotion. The towels, rug, and shower curtain are old style from Thomas O’Brien Vintage Modern for Target that are no longer available.

The linen closet is behind the bathroom door.

Like most of the doors in the house, the linen closet doors slide open to reveal the shelves.

Behind the shower curtain, the tub is lined with white ceramic tiles. The window in the shower has the same wooden frame as the windows in the rest of the house, so we have to keep it covered with a shower curtain liner. The fixtures are separating from the wall and I’m pretty sure the moisture behind the tiles is growing the mold that has spread to the grout lines in the bottom left. Eventually we’ll have to replace the entire enclosure with new cement backer board and some beautiful mosaic tile.

The floor is vinyl sheeting that’s in great condition, so it will have to wait to be replaced until we win the lottery and remodel the whole room.

The vanity is inoffensive enough, but really not my style. It also has way more storage than we need–those drawers are far from full.

Next time we (finally!) wrap up the house tour with the “office,” a.k.a. the junk room. Scary!

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