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Inspiration: Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”

November 21, 2009

I have to give serious props to whoever is doing the set dressing and styling on Lady Gaga’s videos. The sets on a couple of them are out of this world. To honor the upcoming release of Lady Gaga’s new album, The Fame Monster, let’s parse the interior design elements of “Bad Romance.”

Anyone who knows how much I love white can see why I love the video for “Bad Romance.” Add suspended diamonds, a baroque-modern mirror, plenty of Alexander McQueen-designed clothing and accessories, and a considerable creepy factor, and you’ve won me over.

This carved white bergère/wingback has me wild. I want one in every room. (Also, our first glimpse of McQueen.)

Bathroom remodel inspiration? (More McQueen.)

The amazing mirror. I’ll take three.

Mirror detail. Looks like the frame is more abstract than actual leaves, florets, and dentils.

Sparkly AND white!

Diamonds. Suspended. In. Mid. Air. I like to pretend this wasn’t done with CGI.

Diamonds on the dance floor … (Plus McQueen.)

Diamonds in the air …


Head-to-toe McQueen.

White subway tile in a running bond pattern. A classic choice, and one of my favorites for bathrooms.

White mounted taxidermy (super trendy a year or two ago), white headboard, white bedside lamps.

It looks like the bedside lamps are Kartell Bourgie Table Lamps. Pretty expensive thing to torch at $460 a pop. (And more McQueen.)

For another way to examine the “Bad Romance” video, check out Gear Live’s 10 Gadget Sightings in Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance Music Video.

Check out the whole video below.

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  1. Liza permalink
    November 21, 2009 2:13 pm

    maybe I’m buggin’ but some aspects of this video really remind me of the Cremaster Cycle, especially #1… but yeah, totally cool video; glad that you are blogging again. 🙂

    • November 21, 2009 5:15 pm

      I see what you mean! I’d be willing to bet $$$ Gaga owns the entire Cremaster cycle on DVD, however many thousands that would cost.


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