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Living Room Before

November 19, 2009

Check out the after here.

The living room runs along the opposite side of the house from the carport. This is the view from the carport door, past the kitchen peninsula, and into the living room. The windows behind the couch are visible from the exterior here and here.

The sofa is an IKEA Karlstad loveseat in Linneryd natural with a chaise add-on unit. The ottoman is an IKEA Karlstad footstool with a cover that I can’t find online. The end tables are the IKEA Stockholm side table in white/golden brown. They’re topped with Lykta table lamps in white.

This is the fireplace, made with the same brick as the chimney visible from the exterior. The rattan chair is the IKEA Vibbyn, which we got on clearance right before they stopped making it.

From the floor-to-ceiling window next to the fireplace, you can see straight through the master bedroom at the back of the house, out a similar floor-to-ceiling window, and into the blue spruce in the back yard.

Next to the sofa is the “front” door, which is opposite the door from the kitchen to the living room, with the coat closet next to it.

The coat closet and the door from the kitchen to the living room are examples of the sliding interior doors in the house. Of the 12 interior doors in the house, ten of them are sliding.

This is what the kitchen door looks like closed. It reveals the wall that is hidden behind the door when it’s open.

Check out the after here.

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